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Cat Querries and Responses on Training a Cat and Cat Behavior

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Posted on June 20, 2010 @ 3:21 pm
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Q: Can you modify cat behavior with training?

A: Yes, cat training is not as frustrating as the majority of cat people predict it is. Cats may not be as responsive to training as canines are but they are trainable. Tasty treats given as positive reinforcement is probably the surest route to train a cat.

Q: Why and how do pet cats make a purring sound?

A: Adult kitties purr because they are happy and contented and to play on the emotions of humans — Who can ignore a purring cat? Kittens purr in response to their mother cat’s purr to help bond them. It is mostly assumed that the purring is a vibration of the larynx as air is pushed though it. It is also believed that purring is a voluntary action.

Q: What is the reason a number of people are allergic to cats?

A: Cat allergies are caused by the proteins in cat dander generated from the cat’s saliva. The dander dries and becomes airborne. People with cat allergies have a reaction because their immune system is trying to fight the foreign protein and creates histamines.

Q: How do you curtail bad cat behavior like biting?

A: The best way to break undesirable cat behavior is the same way the mother cat controls an errant kitten. This is by scuffing the cat. You firmly but gently grasp the cat by the scruff of the neck and hold it down until it calms down. You need to do this at the time of the undesirable behavior.

Q: How do you litter train a cat?

A: You really shouldn’t have to do any training for a cat to make use of a litter box, but if your adult cat has begun to avoid the litter box you need to find out why. The cat may have a urinary tract infection in which case you need to visit the vet. If it is just too dirty you need to keep it cleaner. If you have changed litter you may have to change back or sprinkle a little catnip in the litter to attract the cat to the new litter.

Q: How do you keep cats off the kitchen table?

A: This is the most asked about cat behavior issues and can be a difficult one. Cats like elevated platforms and they often find food or food smells on tables and counters. It is best to keep the counters clean and to use something like foil or double sided tape to keep cats off the tables.

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