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What Exactly Do You Check For In A Wetsuit?

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Posted on May 16, 2010 @ 2:29 pm
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A well manufactured, correctly fitted wetsuit goes the distance in maximizing your enjoyment of water sports. Whether you’re involved in scuba, jet skiing, surfing or triathlons, you’ll find points you should consider before investing in high-tech water gear. Begin with these 7 questions:

  1. What could be the chief intent for my suit? Will it be warmth, proper protection from abrasions, buoyancy, or shelter from the sun? Purchase gear specially suited to your sport.
  2. What price array can I afford? Do your homework, and don’t forget to factor in shipping expenses as well as the value of a good warranty. Luxury wetsuits come with extra capabilities. Look for a design you are able to live with at a value you are able to afford. A Billabong wetsuit such as the Solution Gold 5/4/3 mm Steamer, for instance, is usually a full bodysuit treated with Dry Max Coating and made with the company’s second generation Superflex neoprene – reportedly “the most advanced stretch material on the marketplace these days.” The wetsuit also functions Gold Hollow Fiber Brushed Tricot Thermal Material in the back and chest panel. It runs in the $245 range. You possibly can discover an O Neill wetsuit with similar capabilities.
  3. Is the wetsuit made of multi-directional fabric that will give in the perfect places, allowing ease of movement? Surfers require a wetsuit with super-stretch neoprene (30-100%) to allow for mobility while throwing tricks. A jet ski junkie in New England, however, might be looking for a suit that conserves body heat – something with thicker neoprene specs.
  4. Where are stitches placed on the wetsuit? Chafing can be a real issue, specially when raw skin and salt water meet. Body gear created for windsurfing will not be comfortable for surfers who have to paddle their boards out to meet waves. Observe seam placement. Also look for phrases like “flat-lock stitching,” which is appropriate for warm water above 62 degrees F. “Glued and blind-stitched seams” are narrower and seal out cold water 55 degrees F or more. “Sealed and taped seams” add increased durability and stop seepage in water below 55 degrees F.
  5. Do I require a warm or a cool-water suit? Is the material light enough for scorching days at El Martillo or manufactured for semi-dry protection needed for kayaking Alaska’s waterways in the fall? Check the thickness of the material which can ranges from 2 millimeters of neoprene for warm-weather suits as much as 4-6 millimeters of material for cold-water conditions.
  6. Do I require booties, gloves or a hood? They’ll increase the cost.
  7. Is the suit loose, snug or tight? Snug is where you want to be. If it’s too tight, your motions will be limited and you will chafe. If it’s too loose, heat conservation will be minimized, as well as the bodysuit may slide around hindering range of motion. Seriously consider sizing charts. If at all possible, go to a store and try the wetsuit on. Many reputable businesses allow you to try the wetsuit in water and allow for size exchanges.

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