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Wedding Activities

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Posted on May 22, 2010 @ 1:25 pm
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Dancing can be an essential portion at most wedding receptions. We look forward to the couples first dance plus the brides unique dance with her father. Its also an area to get loose and funky, if you are a visitor or perhaps a person in the wedding party. But suppose the wedding organizers thought they would add some excitement and surprise on the dance floor by adding fun activities there? This does not mean a rousing version with the “Bunny Hop”, which, while maybe necessary, is hardly unique You’ll find, however, lots of fun games and activities you can add to the dance floor activities that are certain to be a hit.

Try a fantastic game of the “chicken dance”. Okay, so that won’t sound too original. But when a majority of your friends and relatives are just sitting at their tables, looking at a couple of brave couples dancing, or just finishing their meals, you could get everyone up and have a great time. Try this game.

The DJ announces a number. Everybody looks under their own chair, where there exists a number. Depending on the amount of guests at the wedding, there might be only numbers one and two or higher, up to five.

So, the DJ announces number four. Each person checks underneath their own chair to find out what their number is. These numbers are generally written easily on a bit of masking tape and affixed to the bottom of the chairs when the reception is being setup. Each 4 with this scenario will visit the dance floor to try and do the chicken dance with the other fours. Not only does this get individuals out of their chairs and on to the dance floor, they become familiar with other wedding party guests they may not otherwise know.

One dance floor activity which is gaining popularity may be to bring in a dance trainer for your wedding reception. As a kind of pre-dance activity, the instructor will swiftly walk people through their paces for the dance floor, perhaps educating a little bit of the waltz or, for something different, a small amount of the tango, ahead of the music technically begins and dancing commences.

Having a dance trainer do a small amount of teaching not just livens up the reception straight away, but it gets people out within the dance floor who might otherwise be too self-conscious normally to get out there and let it all hang out. And practically speaking, it’ll probably make the wedding visitors feel more confident in their skills before the official dancing will start.

Another fun activity to get everyone on the dance floor, including perhaps the most reticent, is something you can refer to as the snowball dance. This is an excellent approach to jumpstart the dancing in the beginning of the evening.

Here’s how a snowball dance works. The wedding party, wedding couple included, will visit the dance floor to get a fun dance. The music just for this dance ought to be fast, something using a disco beat or possibly a fast song that almost everyone has at the least a passing understanding of. After a little bit of wedding party dancing, the music stops. The female members of the wedding party move in the crowd and bring back one male each. The male members from the wedding party do the identical, but they bring in female guests. The dancing then begins once again. Surely repeated until the many guests are dancing. Its surely a snowball effect.

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