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Time Management When Working from Home

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Posted on May 23, 2010 @ 4:25 pm
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When you start up a from-home business, time management is an aspect of business management that is often overlooked or neglected.

Surely we all know a person in small business who races around like a mad dog all day, rarely enough hours in the day, all they do is panic and get worked up – maybe this person is you! At the day’s end, when the pace settles, what have you completed? Do you reflect on the day and realise “what happened to the day, I didn’t get so much finished as I planned I should. If this is familiar, then you may simply have an organisational and time management problem.

Successful people never appear to rush, they seem composed and unflustered. The difference between them and others is they achieve time management.

What is time management? It is just planning hours in your day in an organised and efficient way. Before we can fully take on how to time manage our day, we first must decide for ourselves what we are planning to achieve today, this week, this year and as far as ten years from now. This is “Goal setting”.

The simplest method in my preference to take on goals is to write them down. You should reflect on your goals at points to know that they are meaningful and workable but not so easy that you don’t have to try hard to succeed at them otherwise what is the point of your goals in the first place?

From the start of every new working year you should sit down and think about what you hope to achieve this year. It might be that you need to gross up your profits by 20%, you could would like to move into larger premises, you may plan to take down your debt as much as possible. By the first day of each new working week you should write down on a note pad or in your diary the major chores that must to be completed this week, and look back to them each day to ensure that you’re making progress and hopefully polish some of the chores off your list.

You could place this list on your desk or on a point where you can be persistently reminded of what needs to be finished throughout the week. The list should be in order of necessity so that the impending chores at the top of the list get taken care of first up. All the work not checked off this week must be put onto next week at a higher urgency, this will demand it gets checked off.

The next thing you might not be doing is writing a daily list of projects to accomplish. This might assist keep you on schedule in the day. Again, this list should be placed where you can persistently look back to it and check off the tasks finalised. Ticking off the projects helps give you a touch of a job well done and remind you how you are going throughout the day. Always stick to the list unless not possible and keep working from high priority to the lower priority. I know loopholes could show up through the day that might throw the whole day in the air, but you must either deal with the situation and then get back to your list or if the new job isn’t as time sensitive as some of the jobs on the list then list it lower on the list and continue doing what you were doing.

Each aspect of work you plan to get done must be written down for a couple of reasons. Firstly, so you don’t forget to do it and secondly, so you keep your day planned and you get your daily goals. Be sensitive to starting tasks and not finishing them. This could turn tomorrow in a cloud of half finished projects and will cause “list blowout”.

You will end up with the list being a mile long and you will throw it out in despair and revert back to those habits of working in a hurry during the day and realizing nothing.

Remember every day you plan your goals and check off all the projects on your list, you become a day closer to accomplishing your weekly and soon your yearly and long term goals.

A few basics on Time Management:

Do it once and do it well, it’s fruitless going back to the issue and having to redo it.

Learn to civilly say to people when you’re busy with work and that you would return to them some time later.

Learn to give other people tasks that truly don’t demand your involvement.

Don’t make off on wild goose chases.

Don’t spend time by phone calls that will not do something.

Don’t procrastinate.

Refer to your list of items to do often through your day.

“Map out your day” in the shower and make out your daily list right when you start work. Finish what you initiate.

Prioritise everything, always begin chores in their order of necessity to you and the customers.

Stay away from time wasters, people who merely like to chat all day, and if they are your workers, set them straight, or get rid of them.

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