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The most essential guide in Snowboarding- for the Brits and others

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Posted on May 6, 2010 @ 11:15 pm
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If you love snowboarding and follow it as a craze, do not miss the Tresspass Snowboard-X Championships which is alluring with so many thrills and drama on the Laax slopes.

The British started off with the Tresspass Snowboard Cross Champinships yesterday, ensuring spills, thrills and lots of drama on the Laax Slopes.Find out your snowboarding needs with snowboards, from one of the most reputable online snowboarding dealers on the net.

The top awards in the men’s and women’s overall category was won by Thomas and Charlotte, the Banks siblings. Am I the only one, or did they real look like children who have come out straight from Mary Poppins? They pretty well took flight down the slopes.

The last day’s practice session had witnessed a few shredders literally fighting the first feature of the track with the tight little quarter pipe section causing a lot of people to get thrown over the landing.

Nonetheless, due to some re-shaping, the problems were ironed out and by the time the competition started, the course was in the best of forms. 

Since the riders were divided in five different categories on the basis of their age, there were many silverware to be won, and many, right from the smallest of groms to the most experienced master riders was getting attracted to it. Looking at snowboarding as a possible sport, Want to get yourselfsnowboard jacket, get one at one of the most trustworthy snowboarding dealers in the UK.

In the children’s category, Mezzie Potter defeats everyone in the girls’ race while the winner in the boys race is Jonathan Chan who defeats Mad Fidlling and Lewis Courtier-Jones. Max wins extra brownies for having a beard on just the lower are of his face- the reason being a dark tan due to his goggles. 

Sophie Nicholls defeated Faye Young in the girls competition while Cody Heirons won after defeating James Smith and also Henry Shackleton to go on to win the guys race which was fought very closely. James Barrow plus Rowena Kelly won the honours in the juniors’ race, just before the mountain veterans were to start their drop down the slopes. Don’t worry if your looking for junior snowboards, you can find snowboarding gear in junior form with the best online snowboarding retailer on the web.

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