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The Facts: IOSH SHE Responsibilities within facilities management training

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Posted on May 10, 2010 @ 1:43 pm
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After undertaking the IOSH SHE Responsibilities within facilities management course
Candidates should be able to:



  • Apply basic management principles and practices to safety & health issues as part of a safety management system highlighting issues relevant to Facilities Managers.




  • Recognise safety & health hazards in the workplace covering hazards more relevant to Facilities Managers including fire safety, electricity, work equipment including LOLER, safe movement of people & vehicles around the site including Permits to Work, noise and hazardous substances including asbestos & legionella.




  • Investigate an accident or incident involving injury or damage to determine the causes and take appropriate actions.




  • Carry out and record basic assessments of the risks associated with workplace hazards pertinent to Facilities Managers, and recommend suitable control measures.




  • Understand the legal framework and all the key pieces of legislation also covering Landlord/managing Agent/Tenant relationship




  • Identify the common hazards and unsafe practices associated with the management of contractors, principal liabilities, CDM requirements and know the appropriate preventive & remedial actions to be taken.




  • Carry out effective monitoring of health & safety conditions in the workplace.


    IOSH Training is available for a number of other areas which give you a rang of other certified skills. Protect Life are a health, safety and protective goods superstore. They offer all the above and much more.

    Good vendors of this type of training are hard to find. Perhaps the best approach when selecting a supplier is to approach the HSP (Health Safety and Protective) Superstores, they can usually sasitisfy all your health safety and protective training needs. They pridictably have 4 primary training services which we can be delivered locally, nationally or internationally:




    • Defining your needs – Help you to evaluate or review your training requirements and deliver a adaptable plan for training which is flexible enough to work for your organisation;


    • Planning – Help you to present and implement a clear and transparent plan which addresses training for all your health safety and protective requirments;


    • Deliver one-off or periodic training for individuals and/or groups . With many of our courses you have the option of training being delivered face to face, via video, via interactive computer based training or a combination of these methods;


    • Your training function – they will usually have a management function that can manage all your training requirements for you.



    Please note: HSP training does not have to be expensive or restricted to any specific time . Some of our courses can be taken any time of the day and any day of the week. You can even stop the training and resume when the time is right for you.

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