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Posted on May 7, 2010 @ 1:29 pm
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We never had it so good as we do in today’s world where the world middle class has raised to new highs in numbers and there are so many things on the market to obtain compared to just a decade ago. Yet many of us have had economic wows that have placed us into a dismal financial future so we are seeking an alternative way of making money. We are tired of working in our current job or have even lost our job and our way of making a living. We hear that making a living on the internet is great and the yearly income from an internet business is more than double of what we make at our current job.

So many of us try to find a way to make some cash on the internet but it is a little confusing what with different programs promising you a great amount of money with in a short time for only such and such a price. Who is telling the truth and who are the those scam artist that you hear about on the net? Well, you know what they say,”If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”, meaning that if the offer seems too good and too easy then it is most likely a scam. Think of how many thousands of people are trying to make money on the internet and how many really are successful, if it was as easy as some of these claims say they are then there would be millions of successful entrepreneurs on the internet.

Like so many thousands of others do you can use Ebay or some other internet equivalent to sell things on the internet but the competition can be overwhelming. There are many start up business plans for affiliate sales available and most are legitimate but the trouble I find is that you need a large pocket of money to continue in these programs or spend endless hours writing articles and submitting them to various directories and hoping that they are seen by many people who so happen to want your product. Of course, you can pay for your advertising but this route is not for the novice and the learning curve can be very expensive.

Truth is that there is about an 90% failure rate in new businesses on the internet as well as in the real brick and mortar world. One of the biggest reasons for such a failure rate on the internet is because of the learning curve. What I mean is that you and I need to discipline ourselves to working hard and not giving up even if we have tried many times in the past and failed. There are many wrong ways to build a business but there are very few right ways in order to become successful in our daily attempts.

Let us not reinvent the wheel instead we should learn from those that have made it and are successful. Instead of starting from zero we need to build on others foundations that work. I don’t mind failing at times when I know in the long run I will be successful in my attempts but if I really don’t know what I’m doing then I lose focus in the big picture and have to start all over again. With knowledge comes freedom to pursue your dreams of obtaining a comfortable living and a sustainable future.

There are many good people on the internet who are trying to present to you and me a working business plan. Some plans are not for everybody and some plans are confusing. The best business plan comes from those that have been in the business for years not months with a lot of experience to relate to. Nobody is in business for free so there will always be something that will cost you for the information. How much and how often is always different so beware of any free information without some kind of cost.

I have been working on the internet for some five years and have looked over many different internet business plans and the best plan for the beginner that I have ever found is from a guy name Geoff Shaw. You will learn from the best and the way he lays everything out is the greatest.

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