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Reasons to go to a Chiropractor

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Posted on May 22, 2010 @ 1:33 pm
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Great Reasons To Go To A Chiropractor Most people think going to the chiropractor is a simple “pop and crack” that can help relieve some of the aches and pains caused by poor alignment but there are many great reasons to see one! Poor alignment can lead to a number of physical ailments, many of which can lead to long term problems.

Many people only consider going to a chiropractor when they are already in pain, but preventative care is very important! Just as you might get a flu shot prior to flu season, chiropractic care can help prevent common problems, and ease other ailments caused by poor alignment.

Think of a chiropractor as a building inspector – they will come and inspect the building and make note of any places where the structure appears weaker or might have problems. A chiropractor can notice places of bone stress and movement that may be pulling the spine out of alignment, such as repetitive stress from extensive computer usage, or bone spurs from uncomfortable shoes. For a great Chiropractor in Hoboken NJ

During your initial visit, you may be asked to allow an x-ray of your body so that the chiropractor can get a better view of your bones. They may also ask you to fill out questionnaires to give them a clear idea of your lifestyle so that they can identify problem areas and help you work out a treatment plan that works for you. A chiropractor does not generally prescribe medicine, instead they will offer an alternative – to treat the problem itself instead of just the symptoms. The treatment varies but may include a manual adjustment, electric stim therapy, massage, acupuncture, as well as exercise and better diet. You may be given suggestions on things you can do at home to make your treatment more effective. These suggestions are often stretches and exercises for existing complaints such as stiff shoulders, tense neck muscles or lower back pain.

While a chiropractor is not a substitute for normal well-being health care, they can have a positive influence on your health. They may recommend regular visits in the long term for the benefit of your health, and to help maintain the alignment of your spine. This is akin to seeing your dentist or optometrist regularly to maintain your dental or visual health. Overall, a chiropractor is a valuable tool and can help you not only avoid pain but can help prevent common ailments and bring you greater bodily awareness.


My name is Rich Moore and I own a carpet cleaning NJ company. My work is very hard and I work 6 days a week, and very long hours. My back needs constant care and what I find is that when I go to a chiropractor I always feel better. My back does not give me problems and I also find that I can think and perform much better in my everyday life.

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