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If A Physician’s Error Harms Your Infant Or Results in A Delay In The Detection Of Your Cancer You May Want to Seek Advice From An Attorney Experienced With Medical Malpractice Cases

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Posted on May 26, 2010 @ 1:55 pm
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Medical errors occur daily.  Most do little if any harm to the patient.  Yet occasionally the harm is serious.  At these times, as in the examples that follow, you may want to seek advice from a medical malpractice attorney.

Newborns are at risk of serious complications should they develop an infection. A newborn’s immune system is not wholly developed for them to be able to fight off the infection.

A extremely hazardous infection is brought on by the group b streptococcus bacteria. It may be responsible for the development of pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis which may lead to brain damage and even to the death of the newborn.

A key factor for doctors is is that the Group B Strep bacteria can be passed from the mother to her child. Due to this physicians generally screen expectant mothers prior to labor and if the test reveals that they carry the bacteria an antibiotic is used during labor. 

Another sort of injury that can happen to a baby and that might arise out of a complication of childbirth is the erbs palsy injury.  This kind of injury may leave the baby with what is often called a “limp arm.”  The cause for this problem is that the damage impacts the group of nerves that manage the shoulder, arm and hand.   if the injury is sufficiently significant the baby may be left with a lifelong partial disability even after physical therapy and surgery.  This kind of injury is sometimes avoidable were it not for medical error either in planning for the possibility or in the method used to deliver the baby once a complication comes about.   Many times, there are signs throughout the pregnancy that the baby will be a big baby or is in the wrong position.

Medical malpractice attorneys also handle other varieties of cases, especially cancer cases.  Such lawsuits often have to do with either an error in the treatment of the cancer or a holdup in the detection of the cancer.  But if the cancer advances to a metastatic stage then the likelihood is greatly diminished.  For example, with stage 4 breast cancer fewer than twenty five percent of female patients will be alive at least 5 years after diagnosis.  However, with early detection and treatment greater than 95% survive more than five.   It is due to this damage that a doctor who causes a delay in the diagnosis of the cancer might be liable for medical malpractice.

Obviously in case you have any worries about your health or the health of an infant you should discuss the matter with a physician  immediately.  The material in this post is meant for basic educational uses only and is not to be taken as medical advice.  Similarly, it is not legal advice.  Should you believe you or someone in your family have been injured by a physician’s error you should consult a lawyer right away because the law limits the time you have to pursue a lawsuit.

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