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Hummers And The Future Of SUV’s

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Posted on May 23, 2010 @ 2:09 pm
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Passing on the company and political wrangling surrounding the collapse of Hummer output by General Motors exactly what could the demise of the Hummer brand and popularity signify about the potential of four wheel drive utility vehicles and SUV’s?  This is a marketplace which has loyal followers for the vehicles by obsessed followers of not only the make but additionally of specific Marques or versions, with the Hummer one can find people who love the Hummer H3 over the other types and will fervently claim the superiority of the particular style.  For many SUV supporters the Hummer symbolizes the overall epitome of all terrain cars or trucks, in the face of possibly a more substantial following for cars like Land Rovers there still exists an entire culture promoting the GM classic.

The reason why the Decline of the Hummer

As most everyone will know the Hummer was modeled on the armed service Humvee off road vehicle, the sheer weight and size of this truck means that fuel use couldn’t be an issue which brought up concern.  Currently with gasoline prices at a record high all over the world and also common Hummer Gas Consumption at way less than fifteen miles per gallon and as low as six with the typical owner getting 10 to 12 miles per gallon it’s changed in to a genuine problem for civilian owners.  Additionally whilst not thinking about the expenses of fuel usage there is the ecological impact associated with driving this kind of car that impacted product sales in a adverse manner.  With the renewable movement gathering speed internationally the justification for operating a 6 ton truck about the city becomes progressively difficult for even the least ecologically accountable of drivers, this has lead lots of the prospective buyers of Hummers to check elsewhere for his or her four x 4 thrills.

The other difficulties with Hummers that is without question an issue is the absolute dimensions of them, searching for a car parking bay broad enough in many towns is tough and the fact that they weigh close to 6 tons makes them theoretically against the law to use on several streets.  In the last few years buying a Hummer has become symbolic of self-centeredness as well as greed and cultural irresponsibility leading to numerous drivers getting attacked simply for driving such a gas guzzling machine, with at least some violent situations.

What of the Future of Hummers

During this writing it’s unlikely that a new buyer is going to be found for the brand, nevertheless this will likely only serve to fuel the used market,with the lack of fresh production vehicles fuelling the wish to possess a used one.  That is similar to numerous market segments, cars or trucks may become a lot more precious when an element of rarity is created along with the tendency for smaller sized and hybrid vehicles continuing discovering a Hummer on our roads will become increasingly more extraordinary.  The marketplace for Hummer Limousines will fuel this further as the more Pink Hummers used in this manner increases the scarcity and the want to own an original classic.  Even though there are several superior and more accessible Sport utility vechicles available easily the Hummer has such a big following that it will not go away from our roads anytime soon.

Should I Buy A Hummer?

Should you be contemplating that question, the answer is most likely no, go get a Land Rover as an alternative, greater fuel consumption, better functionality as well as better off road capabilities and cost.  However if you’re a lover of the vehicle and can live with the environmental uncertainties of the car or truck then you will buy the Hummer irrespective of its inadequacies because as the old saying goes ‘love conquers all’.  The Hummer will now and in the future remain an enigma and very much loved and disliked in seemingly equivalent amounts.

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