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Car Insurance For Women

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Posted on May 4, 2010 @ 2:14 pm
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A persons age and gender along with certain other factors, is what the insurance industry uses to determine the premium for insurance. The practice of using this data sometimes has made it difficult for some people to obtain car insurance. It was always believed that women had to pay more for insurance because men are better drivers. However, this perception may not necessarily be the cause of more expensive car insurance for women.

The division of classes for car insurance for women and men, are mostly a thing of the past especially since the insurance industry is well-informed and more competitive regarding the differences in women and men drivers, showing women are, in most cases, just as safe as their male counterparts.

The cliché that women are not as good drivers as men has led some people to believe that women car insurance is more expensive. Actually a recent Carnegie-Mellon investigation revealed quite a different result concerning the controversy of men vs. women drivers. The study showed that men were twice as likely to die in a traffic accident than women were.

To be completely honest and to honor the truth, women car insurance is cheaper than men car insurance.

Further evidence from the insurance industry revealed that while 68% of women have no traffic violations, men who have never received a traffic violation is only 64%. Men also showed that they have more traffic violations than women do when asked how many citations they have ever received. In each study, men had 10% more violations than women did.

There are car insurance companies that have special programs catering specifically to car insurance for women. These programs guarantee that women pay a lower rate than men. As a result of the special car insurance for women programs, Insurance companies are making their products more practical and affordable all their customers. Visit this car insurance site for personalized, free and fast quotes on any type of car insurance.

Regardless of the popular opinion being car insurance for women is more costly, through research and practical studies, the insurance industry has determined the riskiest of drivers are the 18-25 year old male population. Insurance websites offer a free easy online quote to allow consumers to compare their rates against other drivers. A comparative quote will show the real difference in premiums and lay to rest the myth that car insurance for women is higher.

In spite of the fact many may believe men are better drivers than women, the insurers writing the policies do not subscribe to this theory. Although insurance providers use demographics and gender as a consideration, the mere fact that one is a man or woman is only one factor in determining the amount of that person’s premium.

All in all, when deciding about an insurance company always make sure to get a good and cheap car insurance.

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