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Cairns Destinational Investment Properties With Potential

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Posted on May 29, 2010 @ 1:57 pm
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Real estate is a popular investment choice, for those with stored capital or disposable income. Investment properties offer many advantages, including tax breaks / benefits and high returns. However, before investing your money in property, it is important to have researched your location, purchasing options and economic situation.

The city of Cairns, located in beautiful Tropical North Queensland, Australia, is a popular place to invest in real estate. Bordered by two World Heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforests, Cairns is visually attractive, has a relaxed tropical ambience for residents and attracts domestic and international tourists in their hundreds of thousands. It is the ideal place to invest in a holiday home or unit, which can be leased out at premium rates.

However, before you leap into the Cairns property market, let’s review the current state of play. Like anywhere else, property price fluctuations in Cairns are driven by supply and demand. High demand and low supply equals high prices and vice versa.

Geographically, Cairns is a coastal city bordered by rugged mountain ranges, which are protected against hillside development. Therefore, Cairns development opportunities are limited to a thin band of land that sits between the beach and the mountains. Couple this with the fact that Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is predicted to experience exponential population growth over the next two decades, increasing from its current level of around 158,000 to 210,000 by 2036 and you have a critical land supply issue. Hence, property demand will be high, leading to high returns for long term property investors.

In other ‘good news’ for Cairns property investors, the Tropical North Queensland region was hard hit by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Tourism, the region’s main money spinner, was down 15% in 2009. Indeed, the median house price for the Cairns region, as at the end of September 2009 was $355,000, down 5.3% from $375,000.

What does this mean for investors? It means the market is currently flat, but expected to rebound strongly in 2010 and future years, making this the perfect time to snap up a well priced Cairns investment property.

Another positive for Cairns property investors is the rental market, but you need to take a longer term view on this before seeing a return. The rental market in Cairns has suffered of late, with prices for houses and units in late 2009, down on results from the same time frame in 2008. This was due to a large amount of property coming into the market during that time.

However, the GFC also hit Cairns’ major property developers hard, with many of the city’s big players, like Hedley Constructions, CEC Group and CMC Cairns, suffering major financial losses, with two of those three going into liquidation or voluntary administration in 2009. As a result, construction on new properties has slowed substantially across Cairns and the region. This means that in the coming months and years, as the population grows, vacancy rates will shrink and rental prices will increase again.

In summation, Cairns and Tropical North Queensland has weathered the worst of its economic storm and is beginning the rebound process in 2010. At the moment, it is the buyers market and property prices are low. For investors willing to make a long term commitment to one of Australia’s top three tourist destinations and Queensland’s fastest growing population centers, high returns are sure to follow.

If you are considering investing in Cairns Real Estate, Cairns Investment Properties is a local Cairns Real Estate Agent offering excellent advice with a wide range of investment properties on its books.

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