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Boot Camp Workouts are sweeping America

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Posted on May 16, 2010 @ 2:33 pm
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One exercise trend that had its birth lately is the fitness boot camp. Motivated by our soldiers preparing before going off to fight, boot camp exercise programs for civilians are poping up all around the country. Some of these boot camps are militaristic, lead by drill sergeants in fatigues shouting orders, while other camps tend to be welcoming and encouraging, lead by inspirational group exercise instructors.

Boot camp exercise classes vary in style, subject to the provider and instructor. But typically a bootcamper will likely to be given a physical test at the beginning of a camp, to assess fitness level. Then bootcampers will meet outside, usuallyinside a park, beach, or river promenade, for an hour, usually 2-5 times each week for 3-4 weeks. Fitness boot camps really encompass lots of important elements to truly motivate individuals. Typically there will always be different fitness levels in the class, so bootcampers dont feel alone nor left behind, yet feel inspired to improve by being among the bootcampers that are more in shape than themselves.

During the boot camp, attendees can get to perform moving workouts for a stretch warm-up accompanied by interval training which switches back-and-forth between cardiovascular and strength exercise. Cardio workout are used to get the heart rate up and include movement exercises such as running, walking lunges, step-ups on benches, sit-ups, mountain climbers, etc. Strength training will include push-ups, triceps dips, holding core position, etc. At the end of the 3-4 weeks, the bootcamper is given another physical test to measure fitness progress.

Boot camps are allowing individuals with physical and mental challenge as well as camaraderie, which are all very effective and cannot be found in the gym.

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Pasadena boot camp is offered by a veteran personal trainer from Pasadena, California who has been helping clients lose fat and live optimally through creative and challenging fitness programs.

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