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A Guide to LGV Driver Training

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Posted on May 16, 2010 @ 1:59 pm
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The UK may be in recession with many of people losing their jobs every month, but there is a strong demand for Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) drivers. Therefore, there is an opportunity for anyone who undertakes the necessary LGV training to get a job with good pay and job security.

In order to become a LGV driver, you need to be properly trained, qualified and licensed. You should start by searching for professional transport training company and enrolling on a LGV training course. You should look for a qualified training company who have instructors that are experienced at driving the type of vehicles you wish to drive. They should be knowledgeable, patient and good at building your confidence. They will be able to share with you years of knowledge and skills that will prepare you for your driving test.

In order to drive a LGV vehicle, you will need to take a theory and a practical driving test, as follows:

The Theory Test

There are two parts to the theory test and they can be taken separately or on the same day. You can also choose which one to do first. You need to pass both parts to gain an overall pass. Once you have passed the theory test you can then apply to take your practical driving test.

The Practical Driving Test

This is designed to test the skills you will need to be a professional driver.

The practical test involves:




  • vehicle safety questions


  • a test of driving ability


  • a test of specific manoeuvres, including a braking exercise and reversing into a bay



    To become a LGV driver you will need a high degree of vehicle handling skill, which is why you need the right LGV driver training before you take your practical test. To become a professional lorry driver you will also need to know about the regulations that relate to your work and have a strong knowledge of the Highway Code, especially road markings and signs that relate to heavy goods vehicles.

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