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Training Your Dog to Stay In Your Hidden Dog Fence

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Posted on April 10, 2010 @ 1:27 pm
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Dog Fence should never be taken as a replacement for dog training. In order to make your invisible fence effective in teaching your dog, time and patience is necessary. There are specific instructions for effecting the invisible dog fence training but it entails careful execution.

Using the invisible fence system for training your dog can either be done on your own or with a help of a professional dog trainer. However, even with professional help, you will still carry much of the burden of executing training guidelines for your dog whenever the trainer is not around.

In order for your dog to recognize an invisible fence, it will cost you time and patience. However, when both you and your dog become accustomed to this system, it should be easy then.

This training system could span from 2-6 weeks, depending on how fast your dog can learn.

At the start, small red flags are lined up along where the cables are. If you are using Wireless Dog Fence the flags will be placed along the circle where the collar starts beeping. This will serve as physical reminder for your dog on where its boundaries are. To prevent shocking your dog at this stage of the training, you must cover the prongs on the collar with a tape.

Then, put on your dog’s leash whenever they go out within the fence boundaries. Let your dog explore because a warning beep will sound whenever he attempts to go beyond the fence boundary. As soon as you hear the beep, bring your dog back and praise him for following your instructions.

Do this exercise throughout the day so the dog can get accustomed to this setup and will immediately back off when the warning beep is activated.

Once you have allowed the dog to be acquainted with this system, you can now remove the tape from the prongs on the collar to allow the shock. If you are worried about your dog, the shock is not painful but enough to alert the dog and cause him to return.

It works the same way as static shock wherein you feel a twinge of sensation but not enough to inflict pain. The level of shock is adjusted in accordance to the size of your dog and ability to respond to it.

However, every dog owner must be aware that not all shock collars can be adjusted so make sure to purchase those with adjustable settings. Then, check the collar level to ensure that it is safe enough for your dog whenever he goes exploring outside.

When you remove the cover from the collar prongs, make sure not to remove the leash at the same time. You need to keep the leash on your dog, although he is exploring the area within the invisible fence.

For more articles on dog fence systems including Pet Safe Fence be sure to click one of the links in the post above or visit our website at We trust you have found this information useful and would welcome your feedback.

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