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The Prong Set Diamond Band is a Stylish Perennial Classic

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Posted on April 10, 2010 @ 3:04 pm
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Claw or prong settings are the most common settings for gemstones of any description and not just diamonds; they are very popular when it comes to a setting for the solitaire or multi stone Prong Set Diamond Band and you will have undoubtedly seen them. The diamond in a Diamond Prong Ring is set into three or more prongs which form a type of open basket and then they are manipulated into shape so the ends rest against the crown and just past the diamond’s girdle (its widest part) and this then holds the stone in place in the ring.

The ends of the prongs are usually rounded though they can be worked into delicate and decorative shapes to complete the Traditional Engagement Ring. These types of rings are known for more prominently displaying the diamond. The precious stone is upwardly shown on the thin finger of the women.

Under this particular way of designing, the diamond is surrounded with four to six prongs usually. There is enough space left between the claws for light falling on the surface for brilliance and fire. They are usually the cheapest form of diamond setting as well because they are less complex while at the same time, they lend themselves to being cleaned much more easily.

You should ensure the prong setting is tight and the stone fits snugly; make sure none of the prongs are loose or left hanging as they will quickly snag clothing or become lose and you risk losing your diamond. The diamond itself should fit in the “basket” formed by the prongs in a straight and level fashion and not be lopsided or uneven.

In addition, make sure the prongs themselves are robust enough to keep the stone in place – too thin and they will be liable to breaking or wearing away which again risks losing the diamond. So, the claws should not be close to each other. The top surface must be bare for reflecting all the light from its facets.

You have to walk a fine line between showing the diamond to its best effect but at the same time making sure it is protected and firmly held in place on the ring. The claws take less time of the jewelers and there is not much skill involved. Hence, this type of setting is known for its low costs. Note that usually prong setting engagement rings are preferred only when the couples have decided to buy a solitaire ring that has a singly diamond or any other gemstone on its top. There are many designs of such ready made rings available with online retail jewelers.

On the other side, v-shaped prongs are very good at protecting the sharp edges of a cut diamond and remember, diamond is one of the hardest substances known to man and they can cause considerable damage particularly with children and one wrong wave of your hand.

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