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Strengthen The Central Nervous System With Choline

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Posted on April 17, 2010 @ 8:19 pm
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A member of the Vitamin B complex and classified as a lipotropic, or fat emulsifier, choline may be helpful in strengthening the liver and also in assisting the treatment of cholesterol buildup, memory loss, and alzheimer’s. How important is Choline? A deficiency of choline may contribute to liver degeneration and hardening of the arteries.

Choline is not technically a B vitamin, but it is often included in the B-vitamin family because it does work closely with other B vitamins, especially folic acid (Vitamin B9) and cobalamin (Vitamin B12), to process fat and keep the heart and brain healthy. Choline is also needed for gallbladder and liver function, lecithin formation, hormone production, and regulates the central nervous system.

Choline has been found beneficial in the treatment of nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys). Addition of choline to an otherwise adequate diet has quickly corrected experimentally produced nephritis in laboratory animals. Calves receiving no choline died within seven days of severe haemorrhaging nephritis. Other calves kept on the same diet, but given 1,000 mg of choline, made noticeable improvement within 24 hours. The experimentally produced nephritis was found to be similar to the disease seen in man.

In an experiment, 51 out of 102 people with fatty livers, recognized as choline deficiency, had high blood urea and albumin in the urine, showing mild nephritis. This disease quickly disappeared when choline was given with an adequate diet. Giving choline with Inositol or lecithin, however, is much more effective than choline alone.

The effect of choline has been widely studied in different laboratory animals. In rats deficient in choline, it has been observed that fat accumulates in the liver cells within a few hours. In a short time, they become swollen with fat. Consequently, many of these cells may actually burst. The fat combines into pools and seeps into the blood and bile. Unless choline is added to the diet, scars replace most of the liver tissue, a condition similar to human cirrhosis, which is fatal to animals and humans a like. However, the liver again becomes healthy if choline is given early enough.

Vitamin choline is available in capsule, tablet, and powder forms. Look for name brands like Solaray, Natures Life, Natures Plus, and Source Naturals when purchasing to ensure quality and purity of the product you choose. Name brands like the ones mentioned above are available at your local or internet health food store.

*Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Choline is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication or adding Vitamins to medications.

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