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My Dad’s Midlife Crisis: Impulse-Buying A Classic Ford Mustang

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Posted on April 30, 2010 @ 1:53 pm
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I really haven’t much been able to post on this site quite as much as I’d planned, on account of the fact that I’ve been running around town with Dad with his super nutball midlife crisis. Okay, some would argue it’s not as crazy as it might be. How it went, I mean what he did was he dressed up like the Fonz, and come on over to my place and tell me, in his “coolest” tone of voice: “Put some shades on, dude, we are going out looking for some classic Mustangs. You got it, son, I’m totally set to buy an old school muscle car.”

So next we were off to all of those crazy vintage car lots that everybody is mostly certain the mob owns and operates, and I am just awed my dad wrote a check within just a few minutes, for an extremely sparkly classic car. It really is one hell of a piece of machinery. It made some great noise too.

I want to point out that I wrote that last sentence in a past tense. It sounded really nice for a short time, at which point it seized up completely. Dad maintains that it’s a really quick thing to fix and he just needs to find the right part. The problem is, it is not as easy to come across 1965 Mustang parts as it was like a million years ago, but my Dad insists that there’s a pretty sizable availability for them regardless. Apparently the best place to find parts for 1965 Mustangs is actually online auctions, because you can get them rebuilt and often as good as new. Not necessarily cheap, though… I mean, these are half-century old automotive parts.

I suppose it could’ve been worse. It would’ve been worse if he’d gone and found a harley.

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