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How To Buy Foreclosures On The Courthouse Steps

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Posted on April 12, 2010 @ 1:57 pm
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A time of unparalleled opportunity…

The TREO Capital Group views this phase in the real estate cycle in Southern California for a time of unparalleled chance. We have identified a higher reward, small danger purchase platform for the private investor. Our consumers acquire deeply discounted real estate auctioned by lender trustees for the court residence steps. Here is the last phase from the foreclosure course of action ahead of properties come to be REO’s.

TREO: Foreclosure Public sale Pros

Acquiring properties at auctions entails an knowledgeable, professional team dedicated with a fine tuned method to uncover significant earnings possibilities, established on the stage of obtain. TREO’s team tours and evaluates every property for tax and title troubles, renovation and industry valuation the day of an public sale. TREO basically acquires each and every property on the auction for all money preceding to presenting a property to some customer customer.

TREO Company Growth Alliances

VIP Strategic Alliances: A Path to Opportunity

The VIP plan basically generates Strategic Alliances among TREO and our private, corporate and institutional investors who’re ready, prepared and able to participate in TREO’s customized programs. Just about every Alliance with TREO is defined by agreed recommendations & operating agreements oriented towards our higher yield objectives.

The Golden Dozen

The TREO Golden Dozen is a designation of status with the TREO network of clients. The Golden Dozen customers receive special recognition and consideration in TREO’s company plan on an on-going basis. Golden Dozen customers are committed to designate equity investments in our auction plan that will enable them to participate in at least 5 acquisitions per quarter. For more information, please contact a TREO executive.


The TREO BD Group


The BD Group consists of proven and resourceful, independent real estate and finance professionals who act as company improvement generators and equity and debt providers for select TREO programs. They earn substantial and on-going ‘success’ fees or, in certain cases, are invited to participate in specific transactions or TREO business platforms.

TREO Primary Investment Programs

Cash & Carry Plan

One-off acquisitions by registered purchaser clients. TREO provides a property provider for a small fee and offers a menu of fee based asset management services. TREO will participate as equity or debt providers in select transactions.

VIP System

This can be an on-going relationship. VIP consumers acquire 100% ownership of every single home from TREO and TREO provides turn-key services, including tenant negotiations, asset management, loan sourcing, renovation and resale services. TREO earns minority earnings share, after owner receives an annualized pref. Sometimes, TREO will invest equity as well. Most VIP consumers prefer to buy, fix and flip properties in 4 months or less, seeking annualized IRR’s exceeding 30% net to the VIP.


Private Lender System

Lender clients fund 1st trust deeds on auction purchases for 9%-10% fixed interest rates, depending on LTV (loan to value). Most loans offer LTV’s inside the 50%-58% LTV range. Payments on made on monthly basis with a one year term. Loans vary in size in between $125,000 to $300,000. Loan documents, escrow, title and servicing are provided by 3rd parties at lender’s option.

TREO Executive Profile

Real Estate Achievements

• Sponsored over $2 billion in acquisitions of diversified assets

(over 100 assets) within one company

• Funded over $700 million in exclusive equity

• Formed and sponsored a wide range of major transactions

• Sponsored securitized equity, mezzanine and possibility funds

• Sponsored full cycle assets: created over $100 million in profits for investors.

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