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Gulvservice – Tips from the carpenter.

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Posted on April 12, 2010 @ 1:54 pm
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What should be borne in head if you possibly take precautions of their flooring and Gulvservice? We asked Rob Jensen, on. Rob Jensen does involving a lot of other floors in private, and he offers some experience of what in exercise turns out to be hard for do-it-yourself folks. How was it when we requested him to bring on its knowledge.

The idea calls for time to mill.

“Many people believe if they just eliminate the surface where the coloring can be seen, they have reduce enough,” explains Rob Jensen. “But so readily, it is not, for that reason, out on the floor sander us 5 instances, where we start with coarse sandpaper and closing with a very carefully. The corners and edges, we use 3 times sandpaper. Gulvafhøvling is only completed when the floor is completely smooth , clean and toned – and it is not so easy after all. I have considering that seen that I get put a different man started to grind, and after that we had to do it all on because he started wrong. And then it important to avoid cutter blow – not just because it looks so quite, but also because a modern floor is actually pretty thin. Modern floor boards are usually 22 mm, and only 7 mm. down to the tongue and groove. Addititionally there is some who assume that when there is so much paint remaining on the floor, the milling work much less. Nor is it true – actually quite the opposite. ”

There should never be sanded inside a timely and untimely

“This is a misconception to believe that the floors have to be sanded often. We see this for example tenant houses where all the floors in the condo will be cut whenever there are new renters. As I said before – modern floors have become thin – it no good to grind them in a well-timed and untimely. In fact it is not necessary. When the floor is sanded right earlier and it also has been treated and maintained properly, it must only need a new time varnish periodically. The problem is that most people only sees the ground when the varnish is worn through and the floor has been given places. Then there is no alternative. It was much simpler back many years ago with varnished floors. After they became dull, it had been apparent that there was varnished again. Nowadays must be a floor mat, and it’s tougher to see that it is probably nearing the time to take action. However we turn it into a solid routine instead . How often you must paint, obviously depends typically on how much the floor is needed along with what. My principle is: every 24 months in the kitchen and every 4 years in the rest of the property or gulvafslibning. ” said Rob Jensen.

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