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Getting a Nice Breakfast Nook

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Posted on April 17, 2010 @ 2:27 pm
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Breakfast nooks are comfortable, informal cures for traditional dining tables and chairs that may conserve space and offer a more restful dining experience, especially in a home with children. A breakfast nook usually consists of an L-shaped bench, a rectangular table, and an additional backless bench or two coordinating chairs. These ensembles are supposed to be placed in corners, though some models might be freestanding as well. In this article we shall explore three breakfast nook sets to provide you an idea of the range of features and prices for you to choose from. You might want to buy a Coffee Table Set.

When looking for breakfast nooks, you should notice the best-selling Linon company very quickly. Linon offers a fairly inclusive range of types, while their Mission Breakfast Nook is a very fashionable model. The Mission nook has a dark brown pine veneer, and a beautifully simple style.

The table, corner bench and freestanding bench each have the expected Mission style vertical slats, and the corner bench has cutouts in the back rest which displays more vertical slats. The benches are open below, but have the right amount of shallow storage under the seats to contain holiday napkins or a serving tray or two. This nook is very reasonably priced at $459.00. If you are looking for a good price, try looking for a Kitchen Dinning or Coffee Table Sets.

Germans habitually utilize breakfast nooks more than Americans, and consequently they have some very good models. If you surf over to, you could find the Koeln beech wood nook set which includes two chairs in place of the freestanding bench, and is the one breakfast nook I have found which has an expandable table. The well-padded green print upholstery covers the bench seat and back rest, making it a wonderfully cozy nook indeed. The nook’s solid beech wood frame will help this hutch to look attractive for quite a few years to come, whether the tabletop is displaying stollen or hot dogs. This perfectly crafted nook sells for just under $1300.

Returning to this side of the pond, the German immigrants imported the theory of a breakfast nook and proceeded to do just what Americans usually do- they made it bigger and more functional. The Amish Trestle Table Nook from is one of the Pennsylvania Dutch style nooks that most of people are familiar with seeing. The L-shaped bench has a generous storage space beneath the seats which isn’t merely for table cloths- you could shove a stnd mixer down there if you wanted to. The trestle table and straight bench are made with uncluttered but sturdy lines, made for complimenting the solid wood construction finished in your choice of stain. This solid hardwood, American made group of furnishings costs a bit less than $2000, and is worth every dollar bill. You might be interested in the Kitchen Dining Tables.

If you have an increasing family and a relatively small kitchen, or if you might just be looking for a good looking alternative to a kitchen table, consider a couple of these breakfast nooks, then clear out a corner. A breakfast nook could become a practical use of both your money and kitchen space. Happy shopping!

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