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Posted on April 14, 2010 @ 1:34 pm
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Forums are a great way to build a community and a great way to get and give information. Many people start forums for all sorts of reasons and motivations. Some do it because they just want to have a go, others do it to make money and some businesses do it to connect with customers. Forums are hard work to keep on top of all the action and discussions and to keep them under control. Forums also cost money to run. There is the cost of the software and hosting and its ongoing costs. There are promotion costs and costs of subscription services to help get content, not to mention the time for the administrator and staff to moderate the forum. For this reason many forums will run advertisements.

One of the best ways to run advertisements on forums is serve up the advertisements from a server based forum advertising software. This way you can control the advertisements from one source, especially if you have multiple web sites with multiple advertising slots and multiple advertisers. One of the better platforms for this is OpenX for forums. The simplest way to use this is you just paste some code in a slot or zone on the forums (or multiple slots) or any other website you have. You then load the advertisement (which could be Google’s Adsense) into OpenX and connect it to that slot or zone. You can even connect many advertisements to the same zone and rotate through them. The other big advantage of OpenX is that it can geotarget. This means you can set advertisements to only target a specific geographic area.

OpenX is much more complicated that the above simple description but that is basically how it works. There is a learning curve associated with OpenX, but a new book (OpenX Adserver Beginners Guide) has recently been released that has lowered that curve.

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