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Fast Ways to Make Money Online

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Posted on April 30, 2010 @ 5:40 pm
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Many people ask me what the fastest way to make money on the internet is.

There are actually variables to the answer – such as whether you have the cash to invest or whether you have the time to invest. Either way, I do not want to delude anyone into thinking that making money on the internet is guaranteed. If somebody tells you that, you should not believe a word of what he says. Please also do not buy into the hype that you can make tons of money within a short period of time because it just isn’t possible unless you have been in the internet marketing business for a long time.

What I can tell you is that being able to make money on the internet is not a myth, but not without the investment of time, money, effort and smart thinking. And if you persist and do it well enough, you have a chance of making really big money on the internet. How long does it take to make big money? Well, some people take half a year, some a year, some a few years. There really isn’t a standard answer because it depends on what strategies you use and who you work with.

But – back to the question – what is the fastest way to make money on the internet? I’m not talking about a million, half a million, one hundred thousand, or even one thousand. I’m talking maybe a few hundred dollars per month (on the low side).

Well, my answer would have to be affiliate marketing – where you promote and recommend other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission or percentage of the sale. The first advantage of being an affiliate marketer is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of products and services you can promote and millions of ready customers you can promote to and earn a commission. The second advantage is that you will not have to spend time creating your own product.

I would further like to explain the different categories of affiliate marketing.

Email Affiliate Marketing
Email affiliate marketing involves building a list of potential customers who are interested in a particular niche. This list contains the email addresses of these potential customers, through which you can send marketing emails every time you have an interesting product to market. A percentage of these potential customers will read the email, a percentage of those who read the email will check the product out, and a percentage of those who check the product out will purchase the product.

The advantage of email affiliate marketing is that if you own a huge list of good potential customers, you can make a lot of money every single time you send an email out. The disadvantage of this is that you are probably not going to make fast money if you are new to internet marketing because it takes time to build a decent list of buying customers.

PPC Affiliate Marketing
PPC affiliate marketing involves purchasing Pay Per Click advertisements on search engines or various websites to drive traffic to products you are promoting. A percentage of people who click on the ads will purchase the product and the marketer makes his commission.

The advantage of being a PPC affiliate is that you won’t even need to construct a website because your only job is to drive traffic to the product you are promoting. Also, it can bring in the bucks fast if you chose a good product to promote and a good channel to buy your ads. The disadvantage of this is that you will need to invest money upfront to purchase the ad spots. How much your ads would cost depends on the niche of the product you are promoting and what channels you are promoting through.

Review Affiliate Marketing
Review affiliate marketing involves writing reviews on products you want to promote. A percentage of people who read your review will click on your affiliate link to find out more about the product and a percentage of those will purchase the product.

The advantage of being a review affiliate is that the people who read your reviews are likely to be already researching about the products you are promoting and if your reviews are written well and convincing, they might just buy through your site. The disadvantage of this is that in order to appear trustworthy, you will need to be able to write well and it is also better to own an informative site offering good information on the niche you are targeting.

So there you have it – my full breakdown on affiliate marketing.

So which category of affiliate marketing is the fastest way to make money online? Remember I mentioned earlier there that are variables to the answer? Do you have the money to invest or do you have the time to invest?

If you have a list of good potential customers, then email affiliate marketing can make you money fast (every time you send an email!).
If you have the money the invest in PPC advertising and you do it right, then PPC affiliate marketing can make you money fast.
If you are able to write good reviews and own an informative website with good traffic, then Review affiliate marketing can make you money fast.

There is no definite answer to the question. But in my opinion – affiliate marketing with its various categories provides the fastest way to make money on the internet.

Aldric Chang is a successful serial creative entrepreneur and internet marketing expert who shares tips on ways to make money online and other web strategies on his blog at He also runs MediaFreaks – an award winning 3d animation company.

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